Every picture tells a story,
We want to tell yours.

seattle corporate headshots

At Seattle Video and Photo, we understand the importance of making a strong and professional first impression in the corporate world. Your headshot is often the first encounter potential clients, employers, or colleagues have with you, and it speaks volumes about your personality, competence, and professionalism.
That’s why we are here to help you make that impression count.

Seattle headshot photographer
Seattle headshot photography

We specialize in capturing stunning corporate headshots that showcase your unique identity while projecting confidence and approachability. With our expertise in lighting, composition,
and posing, we ensure that your headshots truly reflect
your professional brand.

We take great pride in our work and we want
you to be happy with the results.
We work along side of you,  providing input to help you
 select the best picture to represent you and your business

Specializing in large groups

At Seattle Video and Photo, we have carefully structured our services
to revolve around group sessions instead of individual projects.
We specialize in working with groups of at least 10 people and as many as 400 people.
Efficient and time-saving, our group sessions are designed to optimize time and resources.
Instead of scheduling individual appointments, we can efficiently photograph multiple team members
in a single session, minimizing disruptions to your organization’s workflow.
This approach saves time and allows your team to quickly return to their core responsibilities.                    On location, on call, and ready when you need us with fast turnaround times. 

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We are equipped to conduct outdoor photo shoots, taking advantage
of the stunning natural landscapes and urban environments that Seattle has to offer.
Whether you prefer a backdrop of the city skyline, a picturesque park,
or any other location that reflects your organization’s identity,
we can capture captivating headshots in an outdoor setting.
Outdoor shoots provide a refreshing and dynamic backdrop,
adding a touch of personality and uniqueness to your corporate headshots. 

*Outdoor shoots are more geared towards smaller groups as it is harder
 to control the elements for longer periods of time and often won’t yield the best results.*

– Please be mindful of this when scheduling your shoot – 

headshots Seattle Washington

Green Screen Technology: With our green screen, we can transport your team to any virtual background you desire.
This advanced technique allows for endless possibilities in creating the perfect setting for your group headshots.
From a sleek office environment to a branded backdrop
or even a creative and imaginative setting,
the green screen technology enables us to customize the background to align with your organization’s vision and branding.

Investing in group corporate photo sessions with
Seattle Video and Photo is a strategic move to
elevate your company’s professional image.

As an add on service – we can provide hair and makeup, done by some of the industries top hair and makeup artists at a reasonable price.
We highly recommend professional makeup, if your budget allows, as greatly enhances the final results. 

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Contact us today to schedule a session for your team and experience the benefits of our tailored group photography services. Together, we’ll capture the essence of your organization and help you make a lasting impression in the corporate world and make your team look great.

Headshots Explained

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