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Product photos can make or break a sale. We use established industry-standard lighting techniques that have been scientifically validated for enhancing product sales.

Types of Product Photography

Product Shots

Product photography on red heels


Clear, high-resolution images perfect for online stores.

Product photography on watch


Products captured in real-life settings.

Woman taking camera shots on products


Creative shots designed to captivate and sell.

“Honesty is the most crucial quality of a story.
A work of art tells the truth.”

Our Expertise

Crafting Visual Stories
for Your Products

With years of experience, we understand the nuances of product photography. We aim to highlight the unique features and appeal of every product we shoot.

True mastery of photography and videography requires a deeper connection to one’s intuitive instincts. It’s about knowing when to capture that perfect moment and when to unveil the subject’s inner essence. Photographers and videographers have received formal education and training in the intricacies of lighting, engaging with subjects, and the art of creating a sensory connection between the subject and the viewer. An artist with a camera must go deeper than anything found on Instagram.

At Seattle Video & Photo, we are storytellers capable of weaving narratives through images, emotions, moods, and the essence of a moment. We pay meticulous attention to the smallest details in frames, recognizing the overall resonance of an image. In essence, true excellence in photography and videography arises from the fusion of technical skill, emotional intelligence, and exuberance for the art. This passion is at the heart and soul of Seattle Video & Photo.

The Power of Professional Product Photography

Increased Sales

Quality photos lead to higher conversion rates.

Improved Brand Image

Consistent, professional images enhance brand perception.

Better Customer Engagement

Engaging photos can reduce bounce rates and increase time spent on your site.

Examples of Product Photography

How it Works

Our Product Photography Process

customer service icon


Understand your needs and product specifics.

tasks icon


Decide on settings, backdrops, and styles.

camera icon


Professional photo session with attention to detail.

Digital product icon


Expert editing to enhance product appeal with Photoshop software.

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Receive high-resolution images ready for use.

Our Legacy in Product

With substantial experience in the industry, we’ve served diverse clients, from startups to established brands, delivering consistently high-quality product photos.

Words from Our Satisfied Clients

Working with Seattle Video was a great experience from concept to completion. I was very happy to see that they completed the project on schedule and most importantly on budget. Their creativity was impressive and we have received a great response with the end result right out of the gate. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience and we highly recommend this company!!


- Mathew S.

The Seattle Video Team are talented professionals, that bring a valuable eye for composition, detail oriented, thoughtful, and perfectly demonstrates intimate knowledge of the craft.


- Brenna A.

I’ve hired Seattle Video several times they always deliver. Friendly, knowledgeable and patient with our numerous requests, they were able to bring a creative expertise to the project making it an enjoyable process. They exceeded my expectations at every level. They care about the process and making the final video compelling, while responding quickly and anticipating our needs. Thank you!


- Joe R.

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