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Showcasing Your Brand: Seattle Expert Commercial Photography Services

Our Professional Photography Services

We offer a wide range of services from Product Photography , Corporate Event Photography to Lifestyle and our Favorite Food Photography. We take care of all the details for a stress-free, on-your-timeline, pleasurable experience. Ask us about photography studio availability and packages.

Corporate Headshots

At SVP, we have carefully structured our services around group sessions instead of individual projects. We specialize in working with groups of at least 10 people and as many as 400 people.


Enhances teamwork and cohesion.

Professional Image

Projects professionalism.


Reinforces brand identity.


Improves employee satisfaction and retention.

Product Photos

Showcase Your Products in Their Best Light

  • We produce exceptional product photos through a strategic process.
  • Our expert photographers employ professional lighting, angles, and backgrounds to capture every detail accurately. Post-production refinement includes editing and retouching to enhance visual appeal. The result is a collection of high-quality photos that highlight product features and resonate with the target audience, effectively driving sales and brand engagement.

Product Shots

Sell more products with online photos.

product photography is a specialized technique used primarily in e-commerce to create an immersive and interactive visual experience for online shoppers.

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Comprehensive View

Captures images from all angles to create a seamless 360-degree product view.


Products captured in real-life settings.

Reduces Returns

Informs customers better, lowering the likelihood of product returns.

Competitive Advantage

Makes businesses stand out by engaging customers and boosting conversion rates.

Versatile Marketing Tool

Used in marketing materials to effectively promote products.

Detailed Showcase

Ideal for products with intricate details, showcasing design, features, and quality.

Increased Sales

A compelling and informative shopping experience drives sales and customer satisfaction.


Clear, high-resolution images perfect for online stores.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Allows online shoppers to interact with products as if they were physically handling them.


Creative shots designed to captivate and sell.

Food Photography

Make Every Dish Look Delectable

  • Our food photography is a culinary journey captured through the lens of showcasing each dish’s artistry and flavor. We begin by meticulously styling and arranging the food, ensuring we precisely place every ingredient to create an enticing visual composition.
  • Our expert photographers use professional lighting techniques to highlight each dish’s textures, colors, and delectability. The result is a mouthwatering collection of food photos that pique the appetite and tell a story of taste, culture, and gastronomic delight. These images are a feast for the eyes, inviting diners to savor the essence of each culinary creation.
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Why Choose Our Food Photography Services?

We work with the best food stylists to show each menu item in full-color deliciousness.

The key to great food photography is in the lighting and setup. Careful attention to every detail and proper lighting shot in 4K to bring out each dish’s unique color and style. Each food photography session includes the BTS video – ready for social media production.

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Exceptional Image Quality

We capture every shot with meticulous precision, guaranteeing unparalleled clarity and vibrancy.

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Expert Post-Production

Our rigorous post-processing procedures guarantee that each image is ideally refined.

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We offer personalized packages designed to meet the distinctive requirements of every client.

Social Media Photography

Social media photos are a critical component of online engagement. To make your social media visuals effective, prioritize high-resolution images with clear focus and adequate lighting. These qualities contribute to a positive first impression.

Samples of our Work

How it Works

Our Photography Process

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Gain insight into the client's vision and specific needs.

Photography Session

Utilize cutting-edge equipment to capture stunning images.

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Enhance and edit photos to achieve optimal results.

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Furnish clients with high-resolution images tailored to their requirements.

Words From Our Satisfied Clients

Working with Seattle Video was a great experience from concept to completion. I was very happy to see that they completed the project on schedule and most importantly on budget. Their creativity was impressive and we have received a great response with the end result right out of the gate. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience and we highly recommend this company!!


- Mathew S.

The Seattle Video Team are talented professionals, that bring a valuable eye for composition, detail oriented, thoughtful, and perfectly demonstrates intimate knowledge of the craft.


- Brenna A.

I’ve hired Seattle Video several times they always deliver. Friendly, knowledgeable and patient with our numerous requests, they were able to bring a creative expertise to the project making it an enjoyable process. They exceeded my expectations at every level. They care about the process and making the final video compelling, while responding quickly and anticipating our needs. Thank you!


- Joe R.

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